Friday, January 23, 2015

How do You Deal with Bullies in Leadership

It happened most unexpectedly. An organization I know fairly recently experienced a major leadership transition. There was excitement about the new person, as the individual had apparently really wanted to be here.   The person moving on would be missed, but people had no idea how much until the new leader started feeling comfortable. Some were a bit surprised at how uninterested the new person was in the culture of the organization. It should have been a tip-off when advice was refused, and then  when the newcomer began making remarks about how things were done, how people were, etc. etc. etc. The leader had vowed to be of a certain philosophy or tradition, but the observed actions are anything but consistent with that tradition. Some of the actions seem to be bullying, to get rid of the opposition. Seemingly reckless regard for resources of any type.

Having experienced bullies before, unfortunately, I know how damaging they can be. How to address this problem before it destroys the organization or the people in it is extremely important. The organization has always had such terrific leaders that it is poorly prepared for this situation. Going to take some hard work.

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