Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Livingness of Food

Walking this morning, was thinking about Meatless Monday and how much better I usually sleep Monday night and feel on Tuesday after going completely or mostly meatless on Monday. I always try to go completely meatless, but it does not always happen. For years, I have seen myself as somewhat of a fraud in that I don't think I could ever kill an animal unless it was attacking me. So, I'm not sure I have the right to eat that chicken out of the grocery store if I don't have the will to kill one. Anyway, so I was thinking about that and then thinking about plants and grains and dairy and how they are actually all alive and at least some of them are killed in order to provide food. And no, I'm not suggesting that I need to eat only things like berries and seeds and dairy products, not at all. But it did make me think how so many foods seem so divorced from life. And when one considers the inhumane conditions that many animals are raised in...animals raised solely for food. I suspect, although I can hear some about to laugh in derision, but I think the quality of food raised in poor conditions must be inferior to that raised in conditions that are better for the animals. It is like cooking. The food I cook when I'm angry or sad or frustrated is never as good, nowhere near as good, as the food I make when I feel at peace and when I think with love of those who will eat the food. It does make a difference.

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