Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cleaning One's Space, Eating Meat and Going to War

What do you think about cleaning? If you ponder it at all. Some may say that I don't have enough to think about if I'm wondering about it, but I don't really agree. Cleaning of any sort is not really something that most of us think about with joy, but I've noticed that I really do take pleasure in cleaning up something that was dirty or messy. Making it right, so to speak. I've also realized that when my life is in chaos due to any one of a number of issues, then cleaning has a kind of calming quality, both the process and the result. I suppose at that point the cleanliness or lack thereof is one of the few things over which it feels like I have some control or influence. 

Another area with which I've debated with myself many times is whether it is more moral to hire someone to clean my space or, given that I have messed it up, maybe I should clean it up and maybe it is audacious of me to hire someone. The cleaning person may value cleaning my house because it is employment but at times I have felt really uncomfortable with that dynamic. Other times, not so much. Of course, an analogous situation is eating meat....there is probably no way I could kill an animal or fish in order to eat it, as long as I have access to vegetables, fruits and dairy. But my squeamishness in this regard is easily put aside, as I do eat meat. But sometimes I ask myself if I really have the right to eat meat since I do not have the will to kill for that meat. 

Yet another parallel area is being for or against one's country being involved in a war. Despite being raised in a military family, my conscience has never allowed me to be in favor of going to war to settle differences or exact revenge. It never really seems to work out the way it is expected. But what I have found quite difficult to understand are people who are for a war unless it involves themselves or their sons or daughters going to war. In a society it seems to me that whatever we say is right for a fellow citizen needs to be something that we ourselves accept for us or our loved ones. Otherwise, that is unjust. 

I think it all boils down to will. Do you have the will to clean? The will to kill? The will to go to war?
What do you think?

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