Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Strangely Beautiful and Beautifully Loving

So it has been about two weeks now since I went outside and was chatting with the daughter of one of my neighbors. She was telling me that her elderly father (and I do mean elderly -- almost 101) was not long for this world. He was in decent health, for his age, but his body was wearing out and failing and about to quit. I wasn't surprised when I learned the next day that he had passed away in the morning. In the afternoon, I took food over to the family and visited awhile, trying to comfort his 91 year old widow along with the daughters, sons, cousins, aunts and uncles. We chitchatted awhile and the daughter reminded her mother that they would be going to the beauty shop the next day, to get her hair fixed

The next day, I took my sister for some eye surgery and when I dropped her back home, I checked my phone. Some other neighbors had texted me saying there was a rescue vehicle in the front yard of the home where the elderly man had lived and died. I got home quickly and yes. Just as mother and daughter were going down the front walk to get into the car to go to the beauty salon, the new widow mentioned that her leg hurt. After getting her into the front seat her daughter noticed that she had become unresponsive, and then called 911, and got her siblings to help get her mom out of the car so they could perform CPR. They did and she revived just long enough to say goodbye, before losing consciousness and dying a bit later. This was a little more than 24 hours after her husband of 70 some years had passed away and the day before Valentine's Day. It is strangely beautiful and beautifully loving.

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