Monday, January 25, 2016

Is this the kind of people we are?

The presidential campaigns on both sides of the aisle are sobering in the types of candidates being served up to the American people. Are these candidates the best and the brightest our society can conjure up? Is the whole process of running a campaign so fraught with difficulty and expense that only the select few (those funded by a small cadre of US billionaires) can actually consider attempting it? What are we coming to as a country and a society? I'm actually embarrassed by many of the candidates, particularly the one whose welcome into that country the English Parliament is debating. Just exactly how is foreign policy going to work when one of our closest allies does not welcome our leader.

And how do the candidates view and respect the office of President? It seems some have little respect. It is also very concerning that people are paying so much attention to polls, especially in light of the fact that it isn't really clear who is responding to the polls. Cellphones, lack of landlines, and computer privacy seem to restrict access to many whose voices might be useful to hear and be counted in the polling.

Where is depth? Or is everything reduced to sound bytes?

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