Thursday, February 4, 2016

I am done with polls

I had an experience a few days ago that solidified by opposition to telephone polling and further bolstered my conviction that all of these political polls being focused on so feverishly in the press are seriously flawed. So, probably sometime last week, a woman called me, representing herself as being part of a retirement organization. The way it was expressed, I assumed this was some sort of nonprofit dedicated to helping people in retirement. So, I broke my rule of not responding to polls over the telephone. (Why? you might ask....because usually they are fronts for some sort of sales tactic). I answered her questions and shockingly, she did not launch into a sales pitch, so I was mildly surprised. Well, then, guess what happened two days ago? A young man called, supposedly following up on her survey. He then tried to coerce me into allowing him to drop by (since he was going to be in my neighborhood) and he could then provide some solutions to concerns I had exhibited. Of course,none of this could be dropped off or sent electronically or mentioned over the phone because that would limit the high pressure sales tactics he could employ.

True pollsters are going to need to find another way to do this as people like me are sick and tired of being taken advantage of in this way. It is just ridiculous.

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