Monday, February 1, 2016

On the mothers in our life: A Memoriam to Meri

We all have one mother and if we are lucky, she is a happy part of our lives for many, many years. But not everyone is so lucky. Mothers sometimes leave this world early or leave our lives too early. It is never the right time. My own mother died when I was forty-four, my father when I was twenty-nine, as I was rather a significant surprise to them, late in their reproductive years. So, what I've noticed is that when we lose someone dear to us, as a parent, over time another person steps into our lives to fill that role, at least partially.

Meri Bryant was one such person in my life. Not sure exactly how long ago I met her, but it has been many years. Warm, loving, generous....Meri always knew how to comfort a friend, mother a neighbor, care for a stranger. Meri was a beautiful person, not just on the outside, but through and through. An excellent cook, she seemed to effortlessly whip together gourmet meals on the spur of the moment and never get flustered. We all grieved when she and Zelda moved away from NC as the times to connect would be fewer. One of the last times I saw her, before she was diagnosed with the cancer that took her this past weekend, she spoke of getting older and of death and leaving her children behind. We had a good conversation, as we walked the streets of Charleston after a wonderful dinner out.

We lost another beautiful mother-person but take comfort in her spirit soaring in joy and love.
Rest in Peace, Meri

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