Friday, February 19, 2016

Toxins, toxins, everywhere!

So, yes, there are toxins. Literal toxins. Figurative toxins. Given the rancor in our political campaigns and in the world, there are all sorts of toxins. Some are obvious. Some not so much.

Recently, I had a major wake-up call to what toxins could be doing to my body. Some of this is due to the fact that I weigh more than I should. Twenty pounds or so overweight. However, some of these toxins could be creating the weight problem. And a whole lot more.

I started doing research on what's in most of our foods and in our personal care products. There are many many hormones that are alleged to be safe, but, in truth, in the amounts we are exposed to these chemicals, it seems quite plausible that the substances may be more toxic than we realize.

There have been many articles written about mothers of prepubescent girls restricting their dairy and meat intake so as to limit their exposure to hormones. Much has been publicized about the age of adolescence dropping younger and younger. Well, those of us who are older have reason to think about ourselves and our own health. A lifetime of exposure to some of those hormones and other chemicals may not be as safe as we once thought. Some of these things are essentially toxins.

As I have delved into this, it has surprised me how pervasive this problem is and how difficult it is to reduce one's exposure. But it is time we do this.

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