Thursday, March 3, 2016

On Traps: Losing Weight

So, literally two days before Christmas, in the midst of a health crisis, my doctor told me emphatically that for the problem I'm having, the only way to truly fix the problem is for me to lose weight. Like 25 pounds. Yes, well that was quite special and certainly took the spike out of the eggnog!! I lost a few pounds by the new year simply out of anxiety and the fact that we were travelling.

Then, after returning home and figuring out a strategy, I realized that I was reading everything about weight and weight loss and hoping for a magic bullet. And therein lies the trap. In many areas of our lives we look for a quick fix, a magic pill, an easy solution.

I am particularly discomforted by feeling trapped. I like to sit on the aisle in airplanes. I don't like to be in caves or be wedged into the middle seat of a car. I've always preferred jobs where I could make my own schedule. None of that is always possible.

We trap ourselves with expectations, beliefs, delusions. Like it is going to take just a bit of effort to lose that weight. Or get in shape. Or learn a new skill. It always takes consistent, sustained effort. One way I've found to break out of the trap-like feeling is to view the task....that of losing 25 pounds as five segments of losing five pounds. Five pounds seems very do-able. Twenty-five sounds awful and seems like an impossibility but one that has to be achieved.

So, I am hoping that setting the five pound increment goal as a strategy will help me bypass the sense of being trapped.....

What makes you feel trapped?

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