Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Nine Questions

Does DT (interesting that his initials also abbreviate a condition known as "delirium tremens"...look that one up) think that his behavior toward HC during the second debate represents respect for women?

Does he think that looming over her and getting into her physical space represents respect?

Does he think that talking over her and interrupting her incessantly exhibits respect?

Does he understand the legislative process?

How did our country get into this situation?

Do we need to have some agreed upon standards by which candidates are vetted?

Why is it OK for DT to go after Bill but as far as I know, the Clinton camp has not gone after Melania?

Do Republicans understand that they would earn tremendous respect by standing on principles and not endorsing him? (I have tons of respect for those who have done so, but it should be across the board.)

Are we the laughing stock of the world?

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